NYC Easter Parade 2022

April 19, 2022

This past Sunday was the NYC Easter Parade. It was chilly but sunny, and folks were out in force — tons of fun, imagination, and good vibes, as always.

After 9/11, I started photographing the fun parades (Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Gay Pride, etc.) here in NYC as a way to do something not so serious, connect with other New Yorkers, and return to black & white photography. And I have to say, anyone who thinks NYC is unfriendly needs to go to one of these parades!

The lighting technique I use here, a mix of flash and daylight, is in homage to two of my NYC photo-heroes, Diane Arbus and Weegee. Both artists crafted their respective signature styles partly through using a direct on camera flash which created a contrast of light and darkness, highlighting their subjects.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite images from this year’s Easter Parade into chronological order to create a visual diary of my amazing experience from the day.


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