Remembering 9/11

September 21, 2022

It takes time. Ten days ago was 9/11. Here are photos, a sort of visual diary, from the afternoon, at or near the Memorials. I have no agenda. I simply walk and photograph things that affect me. It is part of how I process the events of that day and the years afterward.

At the corner of the south memorial is NYFD Fire Station 10 and the Fireman’s Memorial. Next to that is O’Hara’s Irish Bar, a “gathering of the clan” spot for firefighters from around the world. It is both solemn and warm with camaraderie and spirit. The memorials themselves are accessible only to the families of victims until 3pm when the public is allowed in. Many families have no grave site to visit and mourn, as many of those lost were never found or identified. For them, each flower and flag adorning the site are not just any flower or flag – it’s Daniel, Alan, John, Ron, Michael, Colin, Ramzi Mohamed, Paul, Frank, Pablo, and too many more.

Enough said. Forward. Strength. Love. Peace


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